Quotes and Reviews


Riot Squad Live 2010

“It’s Jazzy, it’s funky and it’s potent.”

CBC Concerts on Demand


Jamie Gatti

Over Time (Indie) 2006

“Ferociously intellectual in it’s arrangements, intensely precise in it’s articulation of time, uncompromising in it’s willingness to stretch the low end as far as it can go.  This Album bears repeated listening and will delight the student of strings and the lover of form.”

Chris Elson, JazzEast


Holiday Bassix  2002

“Aside from the wordplay in the title, there is nothing basic about the talents of Nova Scotia bassist Jamie Gatti.”

Sandy MacDonald, The Daily news


“Inventiveness and originality leap out at you from this CD.  Gatti earned his wide experience and comprehensive chops by the kind of versatility that is the Maritime musicians key to survival.”

Stephen Pedersen, Chronicle Herald


Tonic 2007

“The players in Tonic call it a collective project. Compositions ranging from Mitchell’s hip swaying latin Lush, to the dark groove of Gatti’s Bones and Burton’s simmering constantly.  The CD is unique in that it’s designed to stand up on it’s own as a solid show case of composing and performing.”




Jamie Gatti – Doug Mallory (2008)

“With 13 bass instruments in his armoury, Jamie Gatti swings a lot of weight at a studio session.”

Stephen Pedersen, Chronicle Herald


Jamie Gatti – Paul Simons

“What we seldom get a chance to hear in concert season is Gatti playing Jazz.  This had got to change.  The man is more than a natural.  He’s a musician who can think Jazz out loud on bass better than most people can talk.”

Stephen Pederson, Chronicle Herald

Atlantic Airwaves (2010)

“Jamie Gatti has a reputation for versatility in playing all musical styles. Playing all styles has filtered into his writing, combining many of these simultaneously.”